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Book Review: Porsche Home

An all-access pass to the home's of some of the most interesting Porsche fanatics in the world.

By Glenn Oyoung

Mon, Aug 2, 2021 01:02 PM PST

Publisher: Delius Klasing Verlag Gmbh; Christophorus edition 

Format: Hardcover, 264 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3667116985

MSRP: $90.00

As a licensed Realtor® (yes, I get to use the ®) I’ve seen it all when it comes to homes. Every buyer fixates on certain rooms. The vast majority focus on the big three: kitchen, master suite, living room. Bit every so often, you come across a hopeless gearhead who spends as much time measuring the garage as they do scoping out the master. For those folks like me who think of the garage of another living space, the beautifully shot and ingeniously conceived Porsche Home is for you.

image of a page from the book "Porsche Home"
Ciao Bella!

Porsche Home is another tribute to Stuggart’s finest from publisher Delius-Klasing Verlag. Written by Thortsen Elbrigmann and brought to life by photographers Lars Gelhrein, Markus Bolsinger, Patrick Gosling, Anatol Kottem and Frederic Dulay-Winkler, this book is a ticket into the garages of some of the most interesting Porschephiles around the globe. Musician, tennis legend, racing god, firefighter — Porsche Home invites you to a diverse group of Porsche collectors united by their common love of the storied racing brand.

image of a page from the book "Porsche Unseen"
Some of these garages/homes are pretty spectacular.

Every person in the book is interesting, and each of their cars would elevate your dream garage to the next level. The first standout collection, for me, belongs to Eckhard Schimp the father of Jägermeister Racing. His collection of a dozen or so Jägermeister racing cars is all orange goodness in one sleek industrial garage.

image of a page in the book "Porsche Home"
Yeah, I need to get some chandeliers in my garage.

Contrast that with the garage (if you can call it that) of Regis Mathieu. Mathieu’s profession is illuminating palaces and opera houses. His Porsche 718K RSK is one of only 35 ever built, and appropriately brought to life by magnificent chandeliers that are hand crafted in his small workshop in the South of France.

Many car fanatics are watch fanatics. So, it’s no surprise that Karl-Friedrich Scheufele – the co-president of heavy-hitter watch brand Chopard, is a Porsche lover. His charming estate in a tiny village on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland is home to his collection. A bright red Porsche Diesel Junior tractor is an appetizer into a smorgasbord of Porsches: a wine-red Porsche 356 Speedster 1600, a ’63 Porsche 356 B Carrera 2, a silver ’73 911T 2.4, a yellow 911 Carrera 911 RS 2.7, a charcoal 2016 911 R. It is a museum unto itself.

image of the cover of the book "Porsche Home"
We couldn't agree more.

I don’t have enough words, even in digital format, to appropriately convey the eye-candy that Porsche Home contains. Let’s just call this book #lifegoals. The cars are amazing and their owners are equally so. Magnus Walker. Patrick Long. Walter Röhrl. Every person in this book is at the top of their game – and their cars reflect that.

If you want an all-access pass to some of the most interesting Porsche fanatics in the world, you simply must invest in this book.

About The Author

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Glenn Oyoung

Glenn Oyoung is a marketer based in Los Angeles. Glenn’s lifelong passion for cars is rooted in playing with Hot Wheels, and has continued into 1:1 scale. He’s the former marketing director of American Racing, author of ‘vehicular alphabet books’ “C is for Car” and "P is for Petersen" in collaboration with the Petersen Automotive Museum. His passion for cars extends to his role as the founder of the monthly car meet Carcadia at Route 66, the most diverse car meet in the San Gabriel Valley.

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