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7 Mother’s Day Gifts for Car Loving Moms

Published on Sun, May 3, 2020

By: Collin Morgan

Moms are endlessly busy, commuting from errand to errand in her trusty car. Why not get her something to make life easier in her mobile office?

Moms are superheroes. They can do just about anything with the exception of flying (which would make their jobs much easier). So, rather than soaring above congested roads on their way to work or picking up kids from piano practice, moms get stuck in traffic jams like the rest of us. Therefore, cars can be a haven of stress and frustration, especially for moms. This Mother’s Day, consider gifting her something to alleviate some stress in the car. I’m certain it would help.

Happy Mother’s Day! PC: @karolinabobekbobek
Happy Mother’s Day! PC: @karolinabobekbobek

7) Remote Start System

Summer is coming, and soon it will be sweltering. Hopping in your hot car after it’s been baking in the sun is one of the worst 5 minutes of your life, especially in SoCal. Remote Start can dissipate that humid heat with a click of a button, replacing it with refreshing, cool air. And, it works for the colder months as well! These are easily installed at nearly any dealership or window-tint/audio shop, or you can order one yourself and install it on your own! Either way, a remote start system will save your mom from yelling at the air conditioning to work.

6) Satellite Radio Subscription

Sometimes, free radio just doesn’t cut it. What if your mom wants to tune in to something… a bit unconventional? Maybe she’s in the mood for Celtic Women, Whitney Houston, or some nostalgia courtesy of Aerosmith. Satellite Radio makes choosing music easy without commercials. SiriusXM Satellite Radio is quite affordable as well, with plans starting around $10. Let your mom enjoy belting out some classic lyrics!

5) Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station PC: Amazon
Wireless Charging Station PC: Amazon

If you’ve never fumbled with your phone’s charging cord in the car, only to have it fall into the ‘crack of death’ (the space between your seat and the center console), you haven’t experienced true aggravation. Eliminate that risk and frustration by getting your mom a wireless charging station; we found this one on Amazon for under $20. Make sure to verify that your mom’s phone has wireless charging capabilities first. If so, a wireless charging pad is a great way to ensure mom’s hands are both on the wheel!

4) Headrest Hooks

Headrest hooks. PC: Amazon
Headrest hooks. PC: Amazon

My mom’s biggest complaint about cars is their lack of purse space. Now, I manage to keep all my necessities in my back-pocket courtesy of a nice folding leather device, but that’s beside the point; I agree that there isn’t much space for a purse. The solution to this problem? Headrest hooks. Capable of holding 44 pounds, these hooks are secured by the headrest legs, and can carry your purse, grocery bags, or anything else with handles.

3) Car Washes

Car Wash PC: @tuomasnylund on Unsplash
Car Wash PC: @tuomasnylund on Unsplash

Nobody likes a dirty car, whether it’s on the inside or the outside. Make mom’s car cleaning worries vanish with some car wash passes! Detail shops usually offer package deals, so do some research to find out which package works best for her.

2) Scents (or not)

Whether your mom likes her car to smell like a summer beach, apple pie, or that new car smell, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. These eco-friendly California Scent Fresheners will do the job and come in all sorts of choices. On the flipside, maybe getting rid of existing smells is something your mom would like better. In that case, try this charcoal air purifying bag, which will absorb any unwanted smells, leaving the car smelling fresh without overpowering her nose.

1) A Quality Drive

Maybe you’ve wanted to spend some more time with your mom, so get her something that you both will enjoy. Take her out for coffee, a dinner, or a trip to the mall. Go on a cruise, take roads neither of you have ever been on. Catch up on her life or go to the grocery store and get ingredients to make your favorite meal. There are so many memory-makers you can experience with each other, but the important part is spending quality time with her.

Remember, its Mother’s Day. She deserves something to help make her chaotic superhero days a bit more manageable!

Happy Mother’s Day! PC: @jontyson on Unsplash
Happy Mother’s Day! PC: @jontyson on Unsplash

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