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Shelby American Book-Signing

image of a cookie that looks like the book Shelby America, laying on the book itself.

Books And Book-Cookies At AutoBooks In Burbank

A book-signing with a taste of the book itself.

By Doug Stokes

Sat, Sep 10, 2022 10:15 PM PST

After reviewing "Shelby American - The Renegades Who Built the Cars, Won the Races, and Lived the Legend", we went to the book-signing at AutoBooks over in Burbank. With a 10AM start on a rainy SoCal Saturday, the coffee AND donuts that the famous place lays out every Saturday morning, were very welcome.

Even more fun were the cookies (the British call them "biscuits") that the book's author Preston Learner’s longtime companion Emily Young commissioned for the occasion featuring the cover of "Shelby American". How’d they taste? No idea. They were way too cool to eat (I had two chocolate chip cookies instead).

the book Shelby American with a cookie laying on top. The cookie is printed to look like the book.
Yeah, that's a cookie on a book! (Photo Doug Stokes)

Almost everyone who took one of the biscuits carefully wrapped it up in a napkin and stowed it in a pocket or a purse.  For most there at the signing it was a special keepsake for the day... I did see one person who took a closeup photo of the sweet with their phone, and then proceeded to wolf it down … probably put it on TikTok or Twitter.

It was a fun tribute to a very well-received new look at a man and his machines that still evokes almost endless fascination.

As is the tradition at Autobooks, Learner hung around after the event and signed a number of the books that are now on sale at the Burbank store.  If you’re an LA local … you already know how to get there … if you’re "not from around here", that’s OK too, just call Autobooks (818-845-0707) for an autographed copy.

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