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interior shot of the backseat of the Volvo V60 wagon

Volvo V60 Wagon Heralded for Crafting One of the Best Interiors Available

Is a car really that good if the journey within is miserable? Volvo successfully makes a good car with a better interior: the V60 wagon.

By Collin Morgan

Thu, Feb 27, 2020 01:03 AM PST

As car enthusiasts, we enjoy driving cars. That’s what cars are for. A vehicle’s preliminary function is to get a driver from place to place. Exterior design came later. But throughout the entire history of the car, sitting in a driver’s seat has remained stagnant. I think the aspect of controlling something that can exceed singular human performance keeps us coming back to cars. You can’t get from 0-60 mph in five seconds on your own two legs. And this freedom, or mastery of transportation, can be enhanced by a quality interior.

interior of the Volvo V60, seen from the back
Note the details in the headrests.. From behind.. Impressive.

Volvo has achieved this heightened enjoyment for the driver and passengers in the V60 Wagon. They’ve succeeded in one of the trickiest automotive design challenges out there. How do you refresh an interior, something that has kept the same principle for decades? You have seats, a steering wheel, doors; how do you modernize that while keeping the interior tasteful?

front seat of the Volvo V60 interior
Clean. Scandinavian. Volvo...

The experts at Autotrader say the Volvo V60 has one of the best interiors on the market for under $50,000. This helps the buyer look past the devilishly good exterior looks and focus more on the quality of the interior.

“Part of Volvo’s appeal is in its calming, minimalist Scandinavian design language, and the V60 offers a good balance of value and utility,” said Tara Trompeter, managing editor for Autotrader. “While it comes with a great cabin regardless of how it’s optioned, we’re especially partial to the City Weave textile material that comes in a charming plaid pattern.”

“The V60 is beautiful inside and out,” said Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President, Americas and President and CEO, Volvo Car USA. “I can’t think of a car more beautiful, versatile or special. We are grateful to be respected by Autotrader’s experts and to be included on this list of fantastic cars.”

Volvo’s increasing popularity solidifies its position as a maker of cars that combine daily practicality with gorgeous design. The V60 is no different and caters to families along with the diverse needs and realities of that lifestyle.

exterior shot of a Volvo V60 with a concrete wall in the background
Volvo V60 Wagon looks good on the outside too. It's not just the inside that counts!

Inside, Volvo has taken cues from minimalistic Scandinavian interior design first introduced in the 90 series cars. Natural materials and new details on the dashboard and instrument panel complete the aesthetic.

The V60 starts at $40,295 and is available in premium Momentum, luxury Inscription, sporty R-Design, performance Polestar Engineered and adventurous Cross Country configurations. Each offer various combinations of minimalist Scandinavian design and advanced technology. Our favorite of course is the Polestar Engineered’s 415 horsepower T8 plug-in hybrid powerplant under the hood.

You couldn’t fully enjoy that power without savoring the comfy throne and fantastic interior of your V60 wagon.

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Collin Morgan is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based writer and enjoys the unique and unusual aspects of the automotive industry. He has experienced the worldwide car culture firsthand and has visited the automotive shrines of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Pagani in Central Italy, tackled the Autobahn, and toured Wales with a rally club. Back in the States, he frequents car events in Detroit and Chicago and is convinced Michigan is the most underrated state for picturesque drives. He owns a 1999 Miata and has happily allowed many good hair days to be ruined by the open road turbulence.

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