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Win An Electric Porsche 912

The white electric Porsche 912 up for grabs through the Petersen and Omaze sweepstakes.

Help The Petersen Keep The Educational Programs Going Strong

Like old Porsches but want to stay true to your inner eco-friend? Silently gliding around L.A. in a 1969 Porsche 912 could be the answer.

By Doug Stokes

Wed, Jul 28, 2021 02:14 PM PST

images courtesy Omaze and The Petersen Automotive Museum.

The Petersen Auto Museum right here in LACar country central is doing it again... This time the always-amusing and relevant museum is raising funds by raffling off a Porsche 911, the official cool car of Los Angeles for 30 years. And we guarantee a 911 - any 911 - still draws stares any night of the week at Scarpetta or Spago...

And here's a big fashion tip guys and gals, one that glides up as silently and majestically as this one will get more looks than that old-school, noisy, dime-a-dozen 911 that every other 32-year-old, spoiled son of some well-known divorce lawyer blasts in with Van Morrison playing at the threshold of pain on the music box and Angelyne's part-time ex-body double riding shotgun.

This may well be the only one that those world-weary valets have seen ... ever! Just imagine the scramble to park YOUR LA/eclectic-electric Porsche 911EV. (LA tip: be sure to jot down the odometer reading before you hand over the keys, and check it whilst the boys are still busy buckling your date in ... occasional side trips by lot jockeys taken in sensational cars while their owners dine in style are not out of the ordinary ... just saying.)

Brothers and Sisters here's a very cool chance to win (and own) an EV with classic Stuttgart style ... the best of both worlds.  Sure, C-8 Corvettes are cool (VERY cool, in fact!), but this Electric 911 is Unique with a damn capital U ... even in LA ... And just think of what a horse it'll be back home in Schenectady, or Shawnee, or even Savannah for that matter.

If the above rings your bell I believe this deal is well worth throwing down a couple of bucks for ... if not just limp along in the slow lane never (ever) hearing a staqe-whispered "Whooooz... THAT?" at your favorite uptown bar and grille. Your call here.

a white - electrified - 1969 Porsche 912 parked outside of The Petersen
This car probably gets VIP-treatment at The Petersen

The Official Lowdown From The Pete

Win a 1969 Porsche 912 EV!

We’re back with our friends at Omaze to give YOU the chance to win a Porsche from our collection! This 1969 Porsche 912 has been modernized by our team and converted to a Tesla powertrain by Zelectric. You can make a small donation to support our work and get a chance to win. Enter at Thanks for all your support, and good luck!

From the good folks at Omaze:

Petersen Automotive Museum explores and presents the history of the automobile and its impact on global life and culture. The museum acts as a progressive center for automotive research and collecting, which includes reaching underserved communities. Your generosity can help the museum extend its education programs both onsite and online and aid the museum in the development of new exhibitions, community events and preservation activities.

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Doug Stokes

Doug has a long and wide-ranging history in the motoring business. He served five years as the Executive Director of the International Kart Federation, and was the PR guy for the Mickey Thompson's Off-Road Championship Gran Prix. He worked racing PR for both Honda and Suzuki and was a senior PR person on the first Los Angeles (Vintage) Grand Prix. He was also the first PR Manager for Perris Auto Speedway, and spent over 20 years as the VP of Communications at Irwindale Speedway. Stokes is the recipient of the American Autowriters and Broadcaster’s 2005 Chapman Award for Excellence in Public Relations and was honored in 2015 by the Motor Press Guild with their Dean Batchelor Lifetime Achievement Award. “… I’ve also been reviewing automobiles and books for over 20 years, and really enjoy my LA Car assignments.” he added.

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