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Camo BMW in Hermosa Beach

Camo BMW Hermosa Beach

Camo Alert!

We see camouflaged vehicles floating around LA once in a while, and this BMW was just spotted tooling around Hermosa Beach.

By Chuck Dapoz

Tue, Mar 9, 2021 12:32 PM PST

Spotted this one in the parking lot of Lazy Acres in Hermosa Beach.

Looks like a BMW 4 series. Unsure if it’s the current model.

In these shots, the rear quarter windows look shorter and rounded, compared with today’s production model.

The fuel filler door is raised, nearly to the base of the backlight.

There appears to be a fresh bulge between the front wheels and doors.

The cut of the doors may be new. The back end of the doors of the 2021 model are wider below the door handle than at the beltline or bottom. In this camo version, the rear side of the doors may be vertical.

If this is not a new model, why the camo?

Maybe -- just maybe – the vehicle is doing long-run emissions testing, and the original body wrap has been left in place.

Traveling with the camo car were two other BMWs. All three had the same manufacturer plates, so there was no effort to hide the brand.

One of the other BMWs was an SUV without model designation.

The other was a sedan sporting stickers that said Hybrid Test Vehicle. From a quick glance couldn’t tell if it was a 3 or 5.

Camouflage cars are often seen in LA, though the South Bay and, especially, PV Peninsula seem to get more than other parts of So Cal.

If you have to log long miles in a car, you’d be tempted to travel Palos Verdes Drive over and over. And over. The ocean views are always spectacular.


Camo BMW in Hermosa Beach

Camo BMW
Camo BMW
Camo BMW

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