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The Cost of Car GPS Tracking: Understanding Your Options

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Helpful Tips For An Educated Purchase

Do you find yourself still scouring the vehicle tracker providers for the best automobile tracker at the best automobile GPS tracker price? You're not by yourself! This is a common occurrence among automobile owners!

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Sun, May 21, 2023 06:00 AM PST

Without a doubt, the cost of a GPS tracker is one of the most often asked issues by vehicle owners. Trackers come in a variety of designs, and sizes, with many needing a monthly subscription.

Given that GPS tracker prices vary per tracker, deciding on the best option might be difficult. There are several benefits to having a GPS tracker in your automobile or in a car that you own. However, GPS trackers may be readily exploited, so think carefully about how you want to use this gadget before purchasing.

Read on to learn about the elements of an effective GPS device and what influences a GPS tracker's cost and price range to help you make an informed decision.

What Are Car GPS Trackers?

Vehicle GPS trackers are small devices that are fitted inside a vehicle to track its location. GPS tracking systems transmit specific satellite signals, which are decoded by a receiver. These GPS receivers track the GPS device's exact location as well as the time and velocity at which it is going.

What Are the Basics of GPS Tracking System?

The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network is used by GPS trackers to do this. This network is made up of satellites that connect with GPS systems to provide information on the vehicle's current location, direction, time, and speed.

How Much Does a Car GPS Tracker Cost?

People who only need to track one car can use GPS tracking equipment. In the United States, the typical cost of a standalone GPS car tracking system is roughly $25 to $60 on average. Devices might cost anything from $10 to $200 or more. Prices will vary based on the brand, quality, and features of the gadget.

However, if you're ready to forego some services, some carriers offer monthly rates of as little as $14 per vehicle. While low-cost GPS monitoring devices might be useful for some persons and cars, they are notorious for being unreliable. Even if they claim to be global, these standalone GPS trackers may be "incompatible" with specific automobiles. They may lag and offer erroneous tracking information, or they may only operate for a limited time.

Meanwhile, the cost of heavy-duty vehicles that require particularly tight protection can rise dramatically to as much as $499 per vehicle, every month. Higher-quality GPS trackers will work better with automobiles and provide more accurate, real-time tracking data. The gadget hardware is often more robust, so you won't have to replace it anytime soon.

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Traveling internationally? Might want to consider a GPS tracker. (photo by Tobias)


What Are the Factors that Influence the Cost of Car GPS Trackers?

GPS locators cannot be valued in a generic sense. GPS device pricing is an essential factor in product sales. People will ask if these GPS tracking functions are beneficial. Is it also worth the price? How can you tell whether you've picked the best GPS tracking service?

Here are some important elements that might influence the cost of a GPS monitoring gadget

- In most cases, the GPS service provider will sign an agreement with the user. The amount paid will be affected by the term of the agreement. The better the price, the longer the contract time. Generally, it will include hardware and monthly user fees.

- The more functions there are, the more costly the GPS devices and services.  GPS trackers with features such as power failure alarm, low power alarm, vibration alarm, ACC detection, SOS alarm, over-speed alarm, temperature sensing monitoring, fuel level detection, recording, monitoring, real-time positioning mode, track playback, geo-fence alarm, and so on will be more expensive.

- Prices vary depending on the type of GPS tracker. GPS trackers are classified into three types: OBD GPS devices, hard-wired GPS devices, and wireless GPS devices. Users choose OBD GPS trackers because they are simple to use. For tracking, it just connects to the vehicle's OBD port. For long-term tracking, hardwired GPS devices are physically plugged into your car. A wired tracking system would be something like an enhanced GPS tracker for your truck. The wireless automobile GPS tracker requires no wiring and has a power supply. It can be inserted and concealed magnetically in any position of the car, making it the perfect alternative for users who are inexperienced with the track.

- The price of a GPS locator is likewise proportional to the number of trackers. The greater the amount, the lower the price.

laptop displaying a map with points
Keep track of your stuff, including your cars. (photo by Edgar)

Cost of GPS Trackers Available On The Market


Matrack is one of the top GPS tracking device providers in the market for fleet owners. It offers user-friendly and cost-effective solutions starting at $7/month for asset and GPS fleet tracking, hence giving people and businesses innovative inexpensive, and uncomplicated solutions. They also provide skilled and quick technical and customer assistance, adapting and changing to the particular demands of each individual and organization.

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is one of the most advanced fleet management systems available. You can configure it to alert you to almost anything - from vehicle issues to a driver speeding to late starts and extended pauses - and develop customizable dashboards that display any fleet data you choose.  Its monthly fees start at $23.50 per car. Verizon Connect should be opted for by bigger firms that stand to benefit more from gathering and analyzing a wide range of data.


Samsara, a very sleek and advanced system, provides a market-leading data refresh rate of 30 seconds to one minute - rather quick by industry standards! This, together with the breadth of configurable fleet management tools, explains Samsara's premium pricing point, which ranges between $27 and $33 per vehicle, every month.


GPS Insight is a simple, reliable alternative for vehicle tracking beginners since it is one of the most user-friendly fleet management systems available. It is slower to communicate data to you than its more powerful equivalents, with a data refresh time of two to five minutes, but these considerations are factored into its pricing. It's one of the most affordable systems on the market, starting at $14.95 per vehicle, every month!


Overall, the cost of a GPS tracking device varies based on the type of GPS device, GPS tracker capabilities, coverage, and other factors. One must select a GPS tracker with a suitable pricing range based on the reason for employing a GPS tracking service. Typically, steady and dependable GPS monitoring service providers may provide users with warranties, customer support, and emergency services.

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