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a gray 2023 Range Rover Sport

2023 Range Rover Sport

2022 Range Rover

a white , brand new Land Rover Range Rover on display at a launch party.

All-New Range Rover, Launch In Los Angeles

Wyclef Jean adds inspiration, soundtrack to launch of the brand's flagship model at the the Range Rover Leadership Summit.

By Glenn Oyoung

Mon, Nov 22, 2021 07:40 PM PST

Featured image courtesy of Land Rover.

It’s safe to say when you’re dealing with owners who can afford SUVs that are well north of $100K, that you’re dealing with leaders in their fields. With that in mind, the marketers at Land Rover should be applauded for their unique idea of capturing hearts and minds before the start of the Automobility LA and the LA Autoshow. How do you stand out in a sea of product launches? You offer your owners something beyond the car itself, you offer an experience.

Wyclef Jean performing right next to a new white Range Rover.
Wyclef Jean shared his journey from poverty to an award-winning performer and producer. (photo courtesy Land Rover)

The Range Rover Leadership Summit featured a veritable brain trust of business luminaries including Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Lennard Hoornik (Jaguar Land Rover), Angela Courtin (YouTube), Steve Beres (HBO), Quynh Mai (Moving Image and Content). When I’m not in playing with cars, it’s marketing that puts food on the Oyoung household table - and I was riveted by the panel on digital marketing and marketing to Gen Z.

interior of the new Range Rover, with light brown leather seats, and two other visitors looking in from the other side door.
Interior of the all-new 2022 Range Rover.

New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff provided an entertaining and engaging session on overcoming negative thinking. Last, but certainly not least, the incomparable Wyclef Jean shared his journey from growing up in a poverty-stricken environment in Haiti to becoming an award-winning performer and producer.

a silver Range Rover on display at the launch in Los Angeles, with spectators around it
The traditional Range Rover design - updated. (photo: Glenn Oyoung)

After filling our minds with inspirational lessons, Land Rover filled our eyes with the new 5th generation Range Rover. LA is one of the Range Rover’s top markets worldwide, and the audience was treated to several new models on display, which are now on display at the LA Auto Show. Customers will choose from two powertrains for the 2022 model year - a V8, or a mild hybrid inline-six. In a world that is growing increasingly electric, Land Rover has gotten the memo and is planning on launching an all-electric Range Rover in 2024.

the rear side of the new Range Rover, on display at the launch party in Los Angeles.
The rear of the Range Rover is where the design updates are really visible. (photo: Glenn Oyoung)

The New Range Rover is available for order now, starting at $104,000 with deliveries slated for spring 2022. 

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