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420 horses and 384 foot-pounds of torque will blow your mind.

By Doug Stokes

Wed, Oct 25, 2023 03:51 AM PST

Featured image: Admiring glances?  Yeah, and plenty of them. These fan are getting NISMOed. Nissan brought the marque’s take-no-prisoners GT-R NISMO to the event. The car is long, wide and low. A big mother.

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The name “NISMO” is always capitalized, and when its applied to the slick new 2024 Nissan Z, it translates as something like: “Whoa” by turning a world-class sports car into a galactic one with the power of (count ‘em) four hundred and twenty ready, willing, and able V-6, twin-turbo horsepower and an equally amazing amount of torque (which would be 384 foot-pounds of the stuff that’s really the power number that matters most).

under the hood of the NISMO
How's 420 horsepower backed up by 348 foot-pound of torque sound here? Riiiiiiiiiight!

Of course that NISMO badge also means that one of their competition-proven, strategically-tuned suspension systems will be in the line-up along with an eye-catching set of forged alloy 19” NISMO RAYS wheels. There’s much more (like NISMO-speced Recaro seats and special areo care applied to the, already very cool, standard body design). And hauling this one down has some big power numbers as well with NISMO/Akebono front discs set up with 4-piston, 15-inch rotors.

the NISMO at ZCON 2023
Here's that designer grey look coming at you with a subtle-but striking red lower body accent that whispers "BEWARE" in ALL CAPS.

The thought here is that this little taste should get right to work motivating the right people to go get a much closer look than this slick six. We’re looking at a $65 thousand dollar sports car here friends, and you are right to expect a very, very competent machine and we think that this NISMO Z is all set to live up to your expectations.

people looking at the NISMO when it was revealed
Everyone knows smokey/shiney grey is the new hot (cool) car color for 2024 and this NISMO Z makes that point quite well.

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