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50 Years With Stand 21

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The Stand 21 history by founder Yves Morizot

Since 1970, the most important motor racing safety innovations have been invented or have been improved by Stand 21.

By The Editors

Mon, Apr 25, 2022 12:11 PM PST

Fifty years ago at a motor racing circuit in Dijon, France Yves Morizot attended a Formula 3 race contested by his friend Jean-Pierre Cassegrain. Without warning, Jean-Pierre’s Brabham swerved, flipped over and caught fire.  Yves’ friend is now caught in the ensuing inferno. Yves and others rush to save him. Following this traumatic event, his life as a young baker takes a new turn. "We can no longer let racing drivers suffer, and too often, perish on the track without taking preventive action".

...Yves Morizot then creates Stand 21, a distributorship of motorcycles and car-racing accessories, and invests resources generated by this new activity in improvements in drivers’ safety, producing advanced racing suits, gloves, boots, helmets, Frontal Head Restraints devices, balaclavas...

illustration of head restraints
Illustration of head restraints courtesy the publisher.

Since 1970, the most important motor racing safety innovations have been invented or have been improved by Stand 21. The company now operates on three continents and has forever since, equipped the greatest drivers, establishing a reputation for quality, innovation and safety akin to that of Rolex in the watchmaking industry.

Therefore, now after these fifty years, through this new brilliant book produced in a limited edition of one thousand numbered copies wrapped in a high-quality gold-leaf embossed hard cover, for his family, for his friends and for all the drivers who have entrusted their safety to Stand 21 for half a century, Yves Morizot humbly realizes that this racing safety dedication would never have borne fruit without his creation of Stand 21.

racers golfing
Great friends Formula One drivers Jacques Lafitte and Alain Prost on a different kind of “course” with Morizot

A unique, profusely illustrated book displaying his accomplishments as well as his failures, all the adventures, all the people instrumental in this amazing Burgundian saga, today a shining beacon throughout the world. As his daughter Julie, who created the Stand 21 subsidiary in Great Britain in her day, says: “Our father is like a Land Rover to everyone: even when we haven't called on him for a long time, he is always on the ready for us".

A book on which Yves Morizot worked for one year, with the collaboration of Cape Editions, and of which only a limited number of autographed copies are now available, reserved for customers and friends of the brand.

headshot of Yves Morisot
Yves Morizot

About Stand 21

Stand 21 addresses the needs of all racers, from vintage to top-flight racing, in every auto-racing category, for the ones willing to seek the best protection there is against not only fire or impacts, but the intense heat-stress generated inside hot cockpits. Stand 21 works in tight collaboration with the most knowledgeable medical doctors and safety experts in the world through its “Racing Goes Safer” Foundation.

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A Remarkable Man

I have the great privilege of calling Yves Morizot my friend.  As you’ve read above his contributions to motorsports safety are many and stretch back half a decade.  But the thing that really marks my feelings about him is his warmth and care for people, he knows that racing is a dangerous endeavor and he knows that racing drivers have families and friends who worry about them. His work has always reflected that concern. -DS

Stand 21 – 50 Years

by Yves Morizot
144 pages, B/W – full color 25x30x2cm
Preface by Alain Prost (4-time Formula One World Champion)
Text in English and French
ISBN: 978-2-9546025
Only 1000 copies, all signed
Price: 49,17 euros ex-VAT, ex-Works Talant, France 
(which will be donated to the "Racing Goes Safer" safety foundation)

More information

Stand 21 Headquarters
12 rue des Novalles
21240 TALANT France
+33 (0) 380 539 2210
E-mail: [email protected]

This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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