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Tire Review: Bridgestone WeatherPeak Tires

image of a sports SUV wearing the Bridgestone WeatherTech tires

Is A Tire Just A Tire?

After putting the Bridgestone WeatherPeaks to the test, I can see why they're so excited about this tire - these are impressive!

By Reed Berry

Sat, Nov 26, 2022 05:14 PM PST

Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

It always intrigues me when a tire company says they're coming out with a new tire. How new can it be? Tires are round, they're made of rubber and they have tread to keep you from sliding all over the road. Tires have been like that since the 1800s. But, just like anything else, tire technology continues to change and improve over time but, in the case of vehicle tires, such advances not only enhance performance, but improve your level of safety, as well.

Bridgestone made me aware of their newest tire, WeatherPeak, and sent over a set to test on my daily driver. After taking these tires for a spin - literally - on various roads throughout Southern California and in a variety of weather conditions, ranging from blistering 100-degree days to heavy rains and even some flash flooding, I can see why they're so excited about this tire. WeatherPeak is impressive!

image of the Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire
WeatherPeak, Bridgestone's New All-Weather Touring Tire

A fresh set of tires always feels good because you're driving on a brand new rubber with maximum tread and proper inflation. But these tires look amazing, as well. I say they look amazing because, at first glance, I could see that this is no ordinary tire. The deep sipes (the grooves or channels in a tire) and their unique pattern are an instant indication to me that these tires have been engineered for just about any type of weather conditions and road surface. WeatherPeak is Bridgestone's first all-weather touring tire.

After having the tires mounted on my vehicle, the very first thing I experienced as I drove away was improved acceleration. I never really expected such a noticeable difference from WeatherPeak, or any other tire for that matter. When you've driven the same car for a number of years as I have, you become familiar with the vehicle's personality and quickly notice any changes, so I was pleasantly surprised by the extra "oomph" as I pulled out of the driveway and onto the street.

image of a car wearing the Bridgestone WeatherPeak tires
It might not snow much in LA, but our mountains get their fair share!

WeatherPeak also checks two more boxes on my personal "must have" list for automobile tires - a smooth ride and good road feel. Not only is the ride smooth, but it is quiet, as well. A smooth ride makes any drive more enjoyable, but I also like to have a feel of the road surface I'm driving on. From smooth, fairly well maintained California freeways to surface streets and rural roads, the tires perform very well. Handling is exceptional and cornering is crisp and confident.

The weather was sunny and warm when I started testing the tires, then it got hot (we're known for weather like that here in SoCal) but, after patiently waiting for a week or two, we were treated to some not-so-common heavy rains. The tires lived up to Bridgestone's claims. The tread design and open shoulder slots channel the water away very efficiently. The tires provide excellent grip, allowing me to easily maintain control of the vehicle.

I haven't had an opportunity to test the tires in actual snow because, quite frankly, we get even less of that than we do rain but, on some slushy roads at lower mountain elevations, the tires performed well. I'm sure snow would pose no problem either, because of the deep sipes that should easily allow the tires to maintain their grip on a snowy surface.

the Bridgestone WeatherPeak tires fitted on a Jaguar sports SUV
Rain - a little or a lot - is no problem for WeatherPeak!

There's no doubt about it. WeatherPeak is an exceptional tire that certainly gives me a feeling of safety and confidence on the road. A good set of tires, however, does not take the place of safe driving practices. Always adjust your speed for challenging road and weather conditions and, for added safety and to extend their life, keep your tires properly inflated and have them rotated every 7,500 miles or so.

WeatherPeak is not an inexpensive tire. I drive a fairly small car and the MSRP for the size my vehicle requires (185/60R15) is $190.99 per tire. Obviously, you'll be able to shop your local tire dealers for WeatherPeak and the price may be a bit lower. Based on it's advanced technology and impressive performance, this tire certainly seems worth the price.As I've said in previous tire reviews, in radio interviews and in over 30 years as a traffic safety educator, bargain tires are not necessarily a bargain. The tires on your vehicle just happen to be one of it's most important safety features, so your tire purchase should be considered more of an investment in your vehicle, as well as in your - and your family's - safety. Inexpensive tires, based on where you drive and how you drive, can adversely affect vehicle control, traction and even braking distance. A set of quality tires provides greater safety and peace of mind.

I've always been partial to Bridgestone tires, and one of the reasons I bought the car I currently drive is because it came with a set. Based on my experience with WeatherPeak tires, Bridgestone has truly taken tire technology to the next level with what appears to be an outstanding product. WeatherPeak tires come with a 70,000 mile limited warranty and are available in 56 sizes which, according to Bridgestone, will fit most of the cars, crossovers and minivans currently on the road.

Check out Bridgestone Tires for more information.

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