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the poster/flyer for the original event is an artist rendering of a race car with mountains and the sun in the background.

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a red Toyota 2000GT on display at the Automotive Classic at  Monarch Dunes

The Automotive Classic at Monarch Dunes

Reporting From The 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show

a brightly multi-colored Fisker SUV on a slanted display at the 2021 LA Auto Show

What To Look For At This Year's L.A. Auto Show

Not even a pandemic has stopped the show from arriving. November 19-28, 2021 at the Los Angeles Convention Center is the window of opportunity.

By The Editors

Wed, Nov 17, 2021 08:29 AM PST

This article has been contributed to by multiple LACar writers (as credited within the article) and assembled/edited by Roy Nakano.

Featured image by Albert J. Wong.

Some pundits said it would never happen. They were wrong. The LA Auto Show is happening. The window of opportunity will be November 19th through the 28th, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And, yes, bring your proof of vaccination and the requisite maskwear.

the right front facia of an Alfa Romeo, very orange in color.
the left front facia of an Alfa Romeo, dark green in color.

(above AlfoRomeo photos - credit: Albert J. Wong)

"The LA Auto Show will be operated in full accordance with all safety protocols required by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health", says LA Auto Show spokesperson Kat Kirsch. "The LA Auto Show will be cashless this year; tickets can be purchased online at or at ticketing kiosks onsite with a credit card."

a light silver 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 on display at the LAAS
The 2023 Corvette Z06 on display at the show (photo: Roy Nakano)

What You’ll Want To Seek Out At This Year’s L.A. Auto Show

BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter

U.S. Debut - With gas prices skyrocketing, why not consider ditching four wheels for two and getting an electric scooter? And not just any electric scooter, the futuristic looking Motorrad CE 04 from BMW. This sleek, beautifully designed scooter is fully electric, providing zero emission personal mobility. One of the reasons this scooter looks so great is, quite simply, because BMW blended many of the scooter's features into it's stylish design, from a big, bright display screen and "floating" seat right down to the kickstand. There's even conveniently placed on-board storage, such as a handy compartment for your cell phone, plus a side compartment spacious enough to hold both the charging cable and your helmet. Charging is relatively fast. It takes approximately 65 minutes to charge from 0% to 80% using an optional quick charger. The 42-horsepower electric motor can take you from zero to 31 mph in just 2.6 seconds. With a starting price of $11,795, it may sound a bit pricey, but think how great you'll feel  - and how many looks you'll get - as you join, as BMW puts it, the "Silent Revolution," and fly right past all the gas stations on a new fully-electric eco-friendly BMW Motorrad CE 04!

- Reed Berry

a gray BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter on display at the LA Auto Show of 2021
The BMW Motorrad CE 04 Electric Scooter, on display at 2021 LAAS (photo: Reed Berry)

BMW MINI Vision Urbanaut

Concept Vehicle / North American Debut - While it may look like something out of a futuristic movie, we may see vehicles like this on the road before you know it. BMW's MINI Vision Urbanaut concept shows you how versatile vehicles may become in the near future. Is it a van, or a bus, or a living room on wheels? Yes! It's definitely a serious driving machine, with e-drive as well as the ability to employ automated driving, but the interior is cleverly designed to transform into a variety of interesting seating arrangements. The dashboard can be lowered, turning it into a comfy daybed, while the driver's seat can swivel to face passengers in the back. A round infotainment screen will help you keep track of the time and temperature, or display your music playlist. The vehicle is designed to offer three MINI moments - Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe - and both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including lighting, change to suit the particular moment.  Exterior lighting can be orchestrated to your taste, as well, providing an eye-catching light show. The unique illuminated wheels are similar to those found on skateboards. On a nice day, simply raise the windshield to bring the outdoors in. It would be so cool to grab a friend - or several - and hit the road in this futuristic fun-mobile!

- Reed Berry

a pastel green Mini Vision Urbanaut on display at the LA Auto Show
BMW MINI Vision Urbanaut (photo: Reed Berry)


Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, Fisker chose the beach venue to unveil its new Ocean electric crossover SUV. Joining in on the Tuesday, November 16th unveiling was Manhattan Beach mayor Hildy Stern. CEO Henrik Fisker did disclose one important fact about the car: It’ll carry a base price of $37,499, which means the price of this electric car dips under $30,000, factoring in the federal tax credit.

– Roy Nakano

the new Fisker Ocean revealed at the LA Auto Show, standing on display with journalists surrounding it.
Fisker Ocean at the 2021 LA Auto Show (photo: Albert J. Wong)


Ford “Bronco Built Wild” Experience (Outdoor): “At Built Wild, LA Auto Show visitors can experience the Bronco family’s full throttle on a specially designed off-road course and put their courage to the test with a ride over Bronco Mountain—a 38-degree hill—located in the North Plaza of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visitors will learn about the Bronco brand’s beloved legacy, get acquainted with the all-new Bronco family—from Bronco Sport to the 2-door and 4-door Broncos—and learn about modularity and accessories to suit their lifestyles. Guests will also experience the thrill of Bronco’s off-road capability and connectivity on an off-road course designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr.; the experience showcases Trail Turn Assist, where the vehicle spins almost entirely on the same spot.”

a lady on her hand and knees, on a rubber mat, with a goat on her back, at the Ford's outdoor Bronco Exhibit.
Attendees can evidentely have a goat jump on their back upon request - at Ford's outdoor Bronco Exhibit. (photo: Roy Nakano)

Ford’s “Built To Electrify” and “Built Ford Wild” Experiences (Indoor): “Ford’s Built to Electrify experience inside the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center will offer guests the opportunity to learn the benefits of electric vehicle (EV) ownership and see Ford’s full EV lineup. LA Auto Show visitors will be able to get an exclusive look at the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning and take an adrenaline-pumping Mustang Mach-E ride that will get their hearts racing. Also in West Hall, Built Ford Wild will showcase Ford’s full line of trucks including the all-new Maverick, 2021 F-150 Hybrid, and F-150 Lightning.” 

– Zoran J. Segina

a blue Ford F-150 Lightning, on display at the 2021 LA Auto Show.
Ford's new Maverick compact pickup - in customized form. (photo: Albert J. Wong)


With a 118-inch wheelbase on its IONIQ 5 E-Gmp platform it was natural for Hyundai to add the third-row SUV for 2024.  The teaser photos show straight line design, large windows, vertical headlamps and virtual mirrors. Seven will offer two-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations the latter powered by two motors offering 308 hp. A 100 kW battery fully charged is likely to provide 300 mile range. A lounge-like interior with cozy lighting elements should include a complimentary vodka-martini.

With more than 8 inches of estimated ground clearance on masculine six-spoke alloy wheels inside square wheel arches, Seven will be ready to explore outdoors in style.

the Hyundai Seven concept, from the side, with all doors open and a view of the interior. The rear doors are so called "suicide doors".
Hyundai Seven concept, with a lounge-like interior. (photo: Albert J. Wong)

At the L.A. Auto Show we learned that the Hyundai Ioniq Seven offers three configurations: In Active Mode, the steering wheel is replaced by a jet-fighter type stick rising from the driver’s seat. Pause Mode converts the interior to a lounge, with occupants facing each other on benches and recliners around seats folded into tables. Enjoy Mode, opens the tailgate and pillarless doors to explore nature. In a production model these will all probably require NTHSA’s authorization.

The 122 inch wheelbase emphasizes a firm stance with straight line design, large windows, vertical headlamps and virtual mirrors. The "Seven" will provide two-wheel and all-wheel drive drivetrains. Also, its 350-kW charger allows a 80% charge in 20-30 minutes for up to a 300 mile range - with solar panel in the hood for extra electricity.

– Zoran J. Segina

Hyundai Seven concept, on display at the LA Auto Show
The Hyundai Seven concept on display at the 2021 L.A. Auto Show (photo: Zoran J. Segina)


How is an upstart manufacturer to stand out in this, the year of all things EV? If you’re INDI EV, it’s by giving Gen Z exactly what they want, the world’s first “social media-oriented electric vehicle.” The company’s INDI ONE features a high-powered computer to facilitate video gaming, a complete Windows workstation for occupants to get on Zoom calls (J-F, you’re on mute – and watch out for that skateboarder!), and the ability to leverage the interior and exterior cameras to generate content for social media sharing.  Add the ability to turn the car into a mobile arcade and you have the living room on wheels that Gen Z demands.

– Glenn Oyoung

Indi One on display at the LA Auto Show with journalists around it taking pictures.
Indi One on display at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show (photo: Roy Nakano)


Based on the E-Gmp zero-emission model platform, KIA’s Concept EV9 is full-size electric SUV expected on the market in late 2022.   Boxy volumes and sharp lines follow EV6 and evoke 2019 Kia Telluride.  No engine cooling allowed the designers to lower the front grille and incorporate the LED headlights across the entire width of the fascia. The interior offers lightness and flexibility reducing the dashboard to instrumentation and infotainment display. I spent three depressing days sailing through plastic debris 1000 miles north of Hawaii.  Turning any amount of that environmental menace into upholstery earns Kia a special place in my heart. Even with a hexagonal steering wheel.

– Zoran J. Segina

a very blue Kia concept car, on a display stand, at the LA Auto Show
KIA's concept, in blue. Very blue. (photo: Albert J. Wong)


Ram Truck Territory (Indoor): “Demonstrating the power and capabilities of the Ram Truck vehicle lineup will make its debut in the West Hall of Los Angeles Convention Center. Professional drivers will navigate guests through the interactive course in the 2021 Ram 1500. Ram Rebel, Limited, Laramie, and Longhorn models will also be available for LA Auto Show visitors to ride. Ram Heavy Duty trucks will include Ram Power Wagon, Ram 2500, and 3500 Limited Models. Ram Truck Territory will include a stability demonstration on the High Banked Wedge, a structure over 6’ tall, 70’ in diameter with a 30° tilt. A series of steel culverts will showcase Ram handling capability and suspension options. Participants will also be able to feel the traction and experience hill descent technology on the Ram Mobile Mountain, a 13-foot high, 30-yard-long simulated mountain with 30-degree approach and departure angles. Ram will demonstrate towing in a 2021 Ram 3500 with a High Output 6.7 L Cummins Diesel Engine as the truck hitches to the 24’ tall Ram Tow Power Tower and lifts a heavy weight to simulate towing.”


Developed jointly with Toyota, 2023 Solterra EV SUV is all-road arrival on the new e-TNGA platform. Solterra’s powerplant will likely exceed Toyota’s two 80 kW motors developing 215 HP and 248 lb-ft of torque. A chassis-integrated-battery can be DC charged up to 80 percent within one hour, and will provide more than 220 miles range. The global virtual reveal included segments of rally-type driving on dirt roads - requiring more than 7.7 second acceleration from 0-60 and a 100 mph top speed for the 4500 lbs SUV... A suggestion to put Peter Solberg in a race-prepared Solterra on the legendary Ouninpohja was enthusiastically embraced. Having fun behind the wheel is in Subaru’s DNA, especially if the view of a multifunction display is not obscured by the telescope and rake steering wheel.

– Zoran J. Segina

A Subaru Solterra on display at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, with jungle-theme surroundings.
The Subaru Solterra - with jungle-themed display - at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show (photo: Roy Nakano)


There’s a new Range Rover at the LA Auto Show. The SUV was revealed at a Range Rover Leadership Summit, with Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean leading the unveiling honors.  Says Andriana Toneva of SASSY Films, a participant in the summit, “The New Range Rover is the most desirable yet, mixing breathtaking modernity and aesthetic grace with technological sophistication and seamless connectivity.” The new car is available for order, priced from $104,000, with deliveries starting from Spring 2022.

- Roy Nakano

Wyclef Jean posing next to the brand new Land Rover Range Rover at the LA Auto Show 2021.
Wyclef Jean and the new Range Rover at the LA Auto Show 2021 (photo: SASSY/Range Rover.)


The first automobile manufacturer out of Vietnam will debut zero-emissions vehicles at the LA Auto Show. “Los Angeles and the LA Auto Show have always been at the epicenter of automotive and transportation innovation,” says LA Auto Show CEO Lisa Kaz. “That’s why startups like Karma, Rivian, and now VinFast, have chosen our global platform to launch their brands and engage audiences creatively, effectively, and experientially.” 

the Vinfast global premiere at the LA Auto Show, with a very large, gray, SUV-like electric vehicle on display.
The Vinfast e36 Electric Vehicle (photo: Albert J. Wong)


VW Roadshow (Outdoor): “Volkswagen invites LA Auto Show attendees to experience their SUVs at the VW Roadshow where they can discover the all-electric ID.4 SUV, the new compact Taos with VW Digital Cockpit, the Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport, and the compact Tiguan. Volkswagen’s custom, closed-track experience in Los Angeles Convention Center’s Gilbert Lindsey Plaza will feature obstacles that showcase the agility, stability, and adaptability of Volkswagen SUVs.” To expedite check-in, attendees are invited to pre-register online at


The Los Angeles Auto Show® announced the winners for its inaugural zero-emission vehicle awards program—THE ZEVAS™. Winners were chosen by the public via two voting rounds that occurred this fall.

the Canoo on display at the LA Auto Show after winning the ZEVAS prize.
One of the ZEVAS winners - the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle - on display at the LA Auto Show. (photo: Roy Nakano)

Nine winners were chosen from an initial pool of more than 90 qualifying zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) that meet California standards and are available for sale or pre-order. That last word—pre-order—makes the ZEVAS unique in that a few models that have yet to roll off of the production line are recipients. The inaugural ZEVAS winners are:

Compact: Hyundai KONA Electric

Coupe: Alpha Motor Co. ACE Coupe

Crossover ($50,000 and below): Fisker Ocean

Crossover (above $50,000): Tesla Model Y

Hatchback/Van/Wagon: Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Sedan ($60,000 and below): Tesla Model 3

Sedan (above $60,000): Lucid Air

Sport Utility Vehicle: Mullen FIVE

Truck: Rivian R1T

A golden colored Mullen Five on display at the LA Auto Show
The Mullen Five - a pure electric crossover (photo: Albert J. Wong)

THE ZEVAS winners and finalists will be honored during AutoMobility LA, the LA Auto Show's media and industry days, with E for Electric YouTube channel host Alex Guberman, on Wednesday, Nov. 17th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As one of LA Car’s colleague put it, “Say what you will, but there is no better way known to man or woman than to really get a feel for a car in the flesh. Okay, driving would be better still. But, all the photos, video, and well-crafted articles will still come a distant second place to actually being there with the machine. I know it. The public knows it. And most of all, the Los Angeles Auto Show knows it.”

a blue Ford Mustang Mach E heading out on the mini-track at the Los Angeles Auto Show - with a yellow Mach E behind it in line and a pickup truck heading the other way.
Los Angeles Auto Show attendees can take a quick ride in the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. (photo: Roy Nakano)

Ticketing Information for the 2021 L.A. Auto Show

Individual tickets, family, and VIP packages include:

- Any Day General Admission Tickets: Adult $20, Senior $12, Child $6

- VIP Early Entry on Saturdays and Sundays: Adult $40, Child $12

- VIP Group Tours on Saturdays and Sundays: Adult $95, Child $40

- Wednesday/Thursday Thanksgiving Family Four-Packs: $60

For the latest information and guidelines as the show approaches, visit

a bright red - almost orange - Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on display at the LA Auto Show 2021.
A Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on display at the LA Auto Show 2021. (photo: Roy Nakano)


This article was compiled by the editors of LACar.

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