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'Carchitechture: Houses with Horsepower' ingeniously compares cars and homes.

'Carchitechture: Houses with Horsepower' is a photographic buffet of automotive and architectural eye candy.

By Reed Berry

Sun, Mar 21, 2021 04:33 AM PST

Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower

Product form:  Hardback

Number of pages: 192

Dimensions: 11-3/4” x 8-3/8” x 7/8”

Publication date: June 16, 2020

Publisher: Lannoo

Edition number: 1

Price: $50

Photos courtesy of the publisher. 

It’s rare that I have time to sit down and look through a book but, now that I’ve picked this one up, it’s very difficult to put down. There are two things that go perfectly together: stylish vehicles and uniquely designed homes.

The two come together beautifully in Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower by Thijs Demeulemeester, Thomas De Bruyne and Bert Voet.

This is my kind of book. There are more pictures to look at than reading to do, but the information presented is both fascinating and informative. The book is divided into six chapters: Classical Gas, Brutal Power, Contemporary Carchitecture, European Modernism, Space Rage and Case Study Cars.

In addition, throughout the book there are a number of essays ranging from a discussion of art deco vehicles to the car-inspired designs of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Practically each page of this impressive hardcover coffee table book pairs a gorgeous car with a striking home from somewhere in the world, including several mid-century modern homes in one of my personal favorite spots, Palm Springs.

A concise description is provided for each and, admittedly, I find myself learning quite a bit not only about the cars, but about the various styles of architecture and the areas in which these beautiful homes are located, as well. 

Authors Thijs Demeulemeester and Bert Voet are lifestyle journalists. Demeulemeester specializes in interior design, contemporary art and architecture, while Voet specializes in cars and economics.

Thomas De Bruyne is an architectural photographer and graphic designer. The three authors have done a masterful job of illustrating the design elegance and attention to detail in both automobiles and architecture.

Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower is available from Amazon and other booksellers for around $50.00. Well worth the price for this photographic buffet of automotive and architectural eye candy. 

About The Author

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Reed Berry

Known professionally as "The Traffic Guy," Reed Berry has been a driver safety educator for over 30 years. Reed has conducted traffic school classes and suspended license workshops throughout California, and has served as keynote speaker at safety conferences and corporate events across America. He has appeared on radio and television programs both in the U.S. and internationally to discuss safety-related issues. A contributor to LA Car since 2003, Reed Berry is a member of Motor Press Guild, the Los Angeles Press Club and SAG-AFTRA.

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