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Triumph Cars 100 Years

cover of the book TRIUMPH CARS  100 YEARS

The complete Centennial history of one of the world’s most beloved sportscar marques

Listen up all you sports car fans who revere everything British from the 50’s and 60’s, Ross Alkureishi is back with another literary masterpiece. This time he has written and illustrated TRIUMPH CARS – 100 YEARS. 

By Stuart Rowlands

Wed, Jul 5, 2023 11:09 PM PST

Images courtesy the book publisher.

This is a complete history of an automobile company that began rather benignly importing sewing machines into England in the late 1800’s, while Queen Victoria was on still on the throne, and subsequently went on through the fiendish years of World War 1 (1914-18) to make and market their own line bicycles and utterly reliable motorbikes (some 300,000 were purchased by the Allies alone) before launching production and sales of their first motorcar in 1923. By 1930 the Triumph Cycle Company had become the Triumph Motor Company well on its way to establishing seven decades of motoring excellence.

image from the book TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS
Triumph TR2

As mentioned, Alkureishi’s book give us history of Triumph including several little-known sedans such as the Triumph 10/20 and the Mayflower followed much later by the graceful Triumph 1800 roadster and the slightly faster 2000. Although under new management Triumph prospered during the dark and gloomy 1920’s and 1930’s, even entering and winning on the highly competitive Rally scene including the Light Car Class in the 1935 Monte Carlo Rally.

As the second World War broke out in September 1939, Triumph reverted to a war footing again by halting automobile production and reverting to motorcycles.

image of Triumph Sports 10/20 from the book TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS
Triumph Sports 10/20

Again, they were successful selling and estimated 50, 000 units to the Allies. Post-War Britain was slow to recover, and Triumph was sold to Leyland Motors in 1960 becoming part of the giant conglomerate British Leyland (BL) in 1968 joining Austin, Morris and MG along with Jaguar and Rover. But not before that they launched the fabulous TR2 Roadster setting the British sportscar mark even higher.

image of a Triumph Gloria-Vitesse  in the book TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS
Triumph Gloria-Vitesse

The terrific TR2 and TR3 and later the Triumph Spitfire was my era.  These were the used sports cars of my youth and while they were certainly noisy with rattles and squeaks threatening to drown out the engine and the soft top leaked as did the plastic “side curtains” (windows) – but they were fast, sturdy, and simply the best. To we relatively unsophisticated Welsh louts they were our “crumpet gatherers” as Stirling Moss once described the sleek “E” Type Jag a few years later.

image of a Triumph 2000  in the book TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS
Triumph 2000

With a nod to the author of the fly-leaf blurb’s final chapter “From that1923 steel-paneled 10/20 through a range of roasters, sedans and sports cars, Triumph Cars offers a definitive history of an iconic British marque.

book cover of TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS
the cover of: TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS

For me, the book excels in presenting hundreds of historic, contemporary, and action-packed racing photographs as well as detailed text and exhaustive specification charts. This is one volume (really two as I also reccomend Ross Alkureishi’s ‘The complete Book of Classic MG Cars – Motorbooks 2002) as one that no sportscar enthusiast should be without.

TRIUMPH CARS 100 YEARS - The complete Centennial history of one of the world’s most beloved sportscar marques
Author: Ross Alkureishi 
Publisher: Motorbooks 2023
Pages: 224 Hardcover
200+ Illustrations
ISBN#: 978-0-7603-7649-2 
Price: $60.00 US: £45.00 UK: $80:00 CAN

About The Author

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Stuart Rowlands

Stuart Rowlands is a long-time publicist with more than 500 events in 18 countries to his credit. Among his clients are the Nobel Peace Prize and Concert, the Quebec Ministry of Tourism, Muhammad Ali, and both Honda and Suzuki motorcycle racing teams. He admits to being a rock publicist in a former life and his resume includes more than a few fan riots as well as being terrified of taking Don King on a media tour. An inspired reader, Rowlands loves good books and we think that he reports on them quite well.

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